Learn and Share

Boy reading BibleThe Discipleship Ministry Team is responsible for the development and growth of disciples. It includes the many ways our life together forms or shapes the faith of young disciples, the need for a graduated learning process that aims for life-long learning, and the focus on the development of leaders within the congregation who will guide and mentor faith learning.

Sunday morning classes are one avenue of learning for which the Discipleship Ministry Team is responsible. It continually identifies and assesses the effectiveness of learning offered through other times and activities of First Presbyterian Church, and develops creative and technologically astute ways to teach and learn far beyond a limited time and place.

Recognizing the developmental stages of growth and ability, the Discipleship Ministry Team takes seriously the ways discipleship is learned and shared in children, younger youth, older youth, young adults, and other adults. It also works to provide periodic and short-term learning opportunities that encourage inter-generational learning based on skill, interest, and desire.

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