Good News!

Baptismal Font in front of Chancel

The Engage Ministry Team provides a public presence of Christ in the world through good news. How does the Body of Christ in the twenty-first century engage the larger culture with the good news of Jesus Christ? The charge to the Engage Ministry Team is to answer this question in words and deeds.

Collaborating with the pastors, music staff, and others to ensure worship is engaging and vibrant, the Engage Ministry Team is at the centerpiece of worship; seeking to provide a radical and surprising hospitality to those guests in the “house of the Lord,” and also identify ways to demonstrate such hospitality to neighbors outside the church walls. Through special community events (public music venues, special worship occasions, visible hospitality, etc.) the Engage Ministry Team identifies and implements ways to:
    • learn who our neighbors are and how we may serve them
    • invite, encourage, and welcome those in the larger community to God’s Table of  grace
    • enact through words and deeds the good news of Jesus Christ for the world He came to save

(John 3:16-17).


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