Inquirers and New Members

If you have decided that First Presbyterian Church, Sumter is the church to which God is calling you, then we rejoice with you in that decision and welcome you into this faith community! You join the Presbyterian Church the same way you join any Christian church, by professing your faith in Jesus Christ and receiving the Sacrament of Baptism. If you have previously made this profession and been baptized then you may join by reaffirmation of faith or transfer of your letter of membership from another church.

There are several ways to begin the process of joining:
      1) Note in the desire to join the church’ section of the Friendship Register which is passed down the pew each Sunday morning, someone will contact you (please leave a phone number).
      2) Call the church office and ask to speak to the Pastor
      3) Contact elders assigned to Inquirers on the Engage Ministry Team, Wayne Hogon and/or Marilyn Jenkins.

InquirerInquirer's Classes are scheduled whenever there are those who indicate interest in joining First Presbyterian.  Centered around a light meal, pastors and elders discuss elements of the Christian faith, Presbyterian doctrine, and the organization and ministries of First Presbyterian Church.  Upon completion of the Inquirer's Class, participants are given the opportunity to meet with the Session to be received as a member.

New members are presented to the congregation at a morning worship service.  After being received by the Session and recognized by the congregation, new members are encouraged to become involved in areas of ministry that fit their gifts and talents.

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