Marriage is a gift from God given for the well-being of the entire human family. For Christians, marriage is a covenant through which a man and a woman are called to live out, in the presence of God, their discipleship to Jesus Christ and their devotion to one another. In the ceremony of Christian marriage, a lifelong commitment is made to each other which is witnessed and acknowledged by the gathered community of faith. It is also recognized be the State as a legally binding civil ceremony.

Mary Beth StaggsWedding policies have been adopted by the First Presbyterian Church Session (Elders) and conforms to the guidelines listed in the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order. As a service of Christian worship, marriage is under the direction of the minister and supervision of the Session. First Presbyterian Church’s Minister, Wedding Coordinator, and Wedding Director will assist you as you plan all aspects of the marriage ceremony and reception (if scheduled at our church).

To that end a wedding handbook has been prepared and can be accessed by clicking on the Wedding Handbook link below, or a copy picked up during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., excluding holidays) at the Church Office. The days and weeks of preparations will slip by quickly leading to your wedding day. As family and friends gather to witness your marriage your hearts will be filled with the joy and holiness of this sacred rite. The main purpose of the Wedding Handbook is to smooth the way by bringing together many of the details that go into planning this most memorable beginning of your life together.

Wedding party on ChancelWe believe that centering a marriage on God through Jesus Christ permits the fullness of God’s design for Christian marriage. We pray God’s blessing on you and your fiancé as you enter this stage of your lives, and urge you to join with a community of faith as you walk out your lives together.

Click here for our WEDDING HANDBOOK

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