Ministry Teams

Embrace, Disciple, Engage, Care and Support

 Engage Ministry Team


David Holler David Holler, Moderator          Debbie Williams   Debby Williams, Vice Moderator

John Jackson

Program Areas and Chairpersons
     Community Events
     Inquirers - Wayne Hogon
     New Members - Marilyn Jenkins
     Worship and Music

Discipleship Ministry Team

Margy Carpenter  Margy Carpenter, Moderator              Anne Abbott   Anne Abbott, Vice Moderator 

Elder:  Scott Williams  Scott Williams

 Program Areas and Chairpersons
     Congregational Retreat - Dee and Dee Dailey
     Children's Ministry - Robbie Branham and Kimberly White
     Sunday School Task Force - Glenda Denny
     Youth Ministry - Nancy Spivey
     Leadership Development - Hennie van Bulck
     Adult Ministry - Lee Craig

Care and Support Ministry Team

 Bob Smith     Bob Smith, Moderator              John Moorman   John Moorman, Vice Moderator

Elders: Brian Frerichs Brian Frerichs   Will Holmes Will Holmes   Dan Spencer Dan Spencer

Program Areas and Chairpersons
    Small Group Integration
    Personnel - Will Holmes
    Budget and Finance - Henry McFaddin
    Capital Improvement Task Force - Jess Begley
    Congregational Care
    Church Officer Nominating Committee
    Mary & Martha Ministry - Linda Nock and Barbara Finley
    Pastor Nominating Committee - John Jackson
    Planning and Policy
    Presbyterian Men - Michael Stewart
    Presbyterian Women - Linda Brown
    Facilities - Dan Spencer
    Stephen Ministry - Suzanne Begley
    Stewardship - Brian Frerichs
    We Care Ministry - Mary Catharine Williams

Embrace Ministry Team

Peggy Curlovic  Peggy Curlovic, Moderator           John James   John James III,  Vice Moderator 

Elder:  JD Dunn J.D. Dunn

Program Areas and Chairpersons
     Preschool - John James III
     Global Mission - Coles Dwight and Margaret Ezell
     Local Mission/Community Connection - Mary Ellen Blanding
     Mission for the Larger Church - Charlie Denny and John Leasure
     Shaw Liaison - Martin Poffenberger




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