Membership in the Church of Jesus Christ is a joy and a privilege. It is also a commitment to participate in Christ’s mission. If you have felt welcomed and connected here at First Presbyterian Church (FPC) then it might be time for you to pray and discern about joining the flock. At FPC, we treat everyone as part of the family and all are invited to participate in all of our ministry offerings. Membership, however, is a formal commitment we make that communicates, “Hey, we’re ready to become a rooted part of the life and ministry of this church family.” New membership is the decision to “get planted” and grow as disciples right here at FPC.



How do I Join?

Let us know: There are a few easy ways to let us know you’re interested in joining FPC.

  • In worship you can let us know by notating it in the Friendship Register we pass down the pews.
  • You can also let our Pastor know before or after worship

   To make it easy, you can fill out the form below and our Connections Coordinator will promptly get back to you.

Church Membership Inquiry

Church Membership Inquiry
  • Is there any questions we can be prepared to answer when we contact you?


We will invite you: If you have been attending for some time, you can also expect a couple of things from us. We will invite you and your family to a gathering at the Cheek’s house with beverages and appetizers. This gathering is an opportunity to connect with other prospective and current members of FPC. Shortly following this gathering we will send you a letter of invitation to join. The letter will include information about our New Member Inquires Classes.



Inquirer’s Classes

Inquires Classes are scheduled twice throughout the year on Sunday mornings. We ask that prospective new members attend at least two of them.


Class 1: Why Membership? / Basics of the Faith Part I

Class 2:  Basics of the Faith Part II

Class 3:  All About First Presbyterian – History, Ministry and Mission


After class you will be voted on by the session, and as a celebration, new members are presented to the congregation during a Sunday morning worship service.