What: An intergenerational ministry on Sunday Evenings in the Fall and Spring.
Times:  Dinner 6-6:30 pm / Classes meet from 6:30-7:30 pm 

Location: Fellowship Hall

Childcare: Nursery and Dinner provided at no cost






What is Faithful Families?

Here at FPC we believe intergenerational ministry to be one of the ways we empower people for lifelong discipleship.  The Bible is filled with examples of faithful communities of all ages who journeyed together through the ups, downs, twists and turns of life. These communities all shared some common practices.

  1. They met together regularly. 
  2. They broke bread together.
  3. They opened up the scriptures and learned together.

That’s what Faithful Families is about. All are welcome, so invite a friend to join us.


Spring Series (February 9 – March 1) 



  • Presbyterian Playhouse (3K-5K)                                                                Extended Care Room

    Teachers: Stephanie Heath and Sallie Stafford  

    Preschool children are invited to join Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Stafford for a time of game, Bible lessons, crafts, singing, and more while learning about the Big Sea (Parting of the Red Sea), The Big Wall (The Fall of Jericho),  The Big Giant (David and Goliath) and The Big Meal (The Feeding of the 5000).


  • Presbyterian Kids (1st – 5th grade)                                                          Room 302

    Teachers: Kelly Hickey and Friends

    Children are invited to join Mrs. Kelly & friends in Room 302 to enjoy a time of fellowship, games, Bible Lessons and more while we learn about David and Goliath, Joseph’s Journey, The Prodigal Son and the Feeding of the 5000.



  • Encounters with Christ: Four Life-changing Encounters with Jesus                  Fellowship Hall
    Teacher: Rev. Ashley Cheek

    Jesus spent time with folks the rest of society avoided and rejected. What can we learn about the acceptance and openness of Christ? How can we work to follow in his footsteps? Join us as we learn from a familiar face through lecture, small group discussion and storytelling.

  • God on Trial: A Theological Overview of Job                                 McLauren Room
    Teacher: Pastor Travis Kinley
    Travis completed a B.A. in Religion from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary and afterwards a         B.S. in Religion from Liberty University. He is currently completing a Master of Ministry degree Anderson University. Travis has worked in various ministry positions in Sumter such as Worship, Outreach, and Student Ministry. He is currently serving as the Interim Pastor at New Life Bible Church in Sumter, SC.

                       Week 1 – The Indictment – Is Job the center of this dramatic narrative or is there much more at stake? 
                       Week 2 – The Witnesses – Job’s friends reassert the accusation! What about the star witness?
                       Week 3 – The Verdict – The answer of the verdict is one none of the witnesses expected!
                       Week 4 – What does this mean for me? Applying Job to our lives moving forward.



  • What Does The Lord Require of You?                                            Youth Building
    Teacher: Rev. Nick Cheek

    Micha 6:8 is one of the most quoted verse in the Bible, but what does it really mean? In this study, Nick will lead the youth on a journey deep into the heart of what God requires from us. The final Sunday evening will be an open question conversation. Youth will be invited to write on a note card questions they have about God, Jesus, the Bible and more for Nick to discuss.


                      Week 1: To do Justly
                      Week 2: To Love Mercy
                      Week 3: To Walk Humbly

                      Week 4: Stump the Preacher (Q  & A with Pastor Nick)