FPC supports four global missionaries financially and through prayer.



John McCall has been serving in Taiwan for over 16 years. He spends a lot of time on trains, buses, and subways as he travels throughout Taiwan teaching courses on ministry and spiritual formation at the three seminaries of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan. John leads groups of pastors in different parts of Taiwan that meet monthly to find encouragement and challenge. “I have the privilege of accompanying both seminary students and pastors as they seek to be Christ’s light and salt in this land,” he says. Most every weekend John is in a different church or presbytery teaching and preaching and equipping the leadership of the Taiwanese church. Many of these churches are indigenous, located in the high mountains, on the coast, or in Taiwan’s teeming cities.




Michael and Rachel Weller were appointed in 1994 to serve in Ethiopia with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY). Michael is PC(USA)’s regional liaison for the Horn of Africa, where PC(USA) works with partner churches in Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia. Rachel is health coordinator for the East and West Gambella Bethel Synods of the EECMY in western Ethiopia.



South Asia

Cody Watson is Associate Director of Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship, a ministry establishing indigenous churches among un-reached people groups. Teaching in and promoting the course “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” is part of Cody’s passion and ministry focus. Cody says, “Perspectives is the best instrument I know to mobilize a local church to become a missional congregation”. Currently, Cody is Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship’s resource person for Frontier Mission in South Asia, India (especially the state of Bihar), Nepal, and Bangladesh.  Cody is supported at First Presbyterian by Presbyterian Women.





Costa Rica

First Presbyterian has an ongoing connection to our sister church in Poas, Costa Rica. Several years ago, a group from FPC visited Costa Rica on a research trip to gather information followed by a work group from FPC later that summer.


Our relationship with our original sister church “Iglesia Cristiana Vida Nueva” in San Pedro de Poás with Pastor Ronald Herrera Solano (affectionately called “Pastor Ronald”) has been a huge success over the past five years. Pastor Ronald has created and manages an association of small churches called “Iglesias Unidas (Nueva Visión)” designed to let the different churches gather and support each other with prayer, study, fellowship and any other way needed.  He has unselfishly shared our support with others instead of just focusing on his primary church.